Week 3 Update – Traffic Monsoon Review and Case Study

In this week’s update, I will show you my total earning income of $558. I waited for my available balance to reach more than $100 so that I can show how I can buy 2 adpacks at a time.

This week, I was able to buy 5 more adpacks, which make it a total of 36 just after 21 days, and investing 25 adpacks.

Later this week (4th), I will release an excel file with the computation of your earnings from day-to-day, depending on how much you want to invest.

Oh by the way, I just posted a page days ago about my giveaway bonus for those who will signup under my link. Please check the page here: http://www.sdiegomtac.com/traffic-monsoon/bonus/

That’s it for this post, and please follow my social profiles for regular updates.

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