Week 1 Update – Traffic Monsoon Review and Case Study

This is the second part of Week 1 update for my TM Dynasty journey. Hereunder are the breakdown of the video content:

  • The video was shot at the end of the week (or early week 2, I’m not sure) which has generated me a total of $105
  • Again, the income is not that much yet since I bought the last 20 adpacks on the 4th day of the week
  • I have an account balance of $55, which I will use to buy 1 more additional adpack
  • You will see the process of buying – which is a no-brainer – and even newbies can do
  • I highlighted the words that you will see when buying any advertising service from TM – “Please Note: A purchase of advertising service with us is not considered a deposit, nor investment.” Those words says it all.

That’s it for the week, and I’ll be back for the week 2 update. Please don’t forget to watch the very first video of this journey.

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