Week 1 Midweek Update – Traffic Monsoon Case Study

I finally got the time to upload the very first video in my case study. In this video, I am showing how many ad packs I started with and how much earnings did it generate for me.

Here is the full breakdown of what was shown in the first case study video:

– I started with 1 ad pack on the first day to see if it will really generate me a penny. And yes, it really does.
– So the 2nd day, I bought another one and 2 more on the 3rd day.
– On the 4th day, I decided to buy 20 more ad packs and see what will happen from that day onwards.
– As you will see, at the end of the 4th day, I generated $43.13 of revenue share. If I decided to buy 25 ad packs from the get-go, I may have generated more than $100 revenue share in my account.

There’s not much to show in this video since it’s the middle of the week. I will be posting another video that I recorded at the end of the first week, so please stay tuned. Please visit my channel for faster updates and like my Traffic Monsoon Dynasty fanpage for regular updates!

Peace out!

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