The Fastest Way to Recurring Monthly Income

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What’s standing in the way of you building your online business? 

It’s getting a high-paying client

And what’s standing in the way of that? 

It’s probably knowing what to SAY to get someone to BUY from you. 

Here’s a new PDF report and video from Eben Pagan – one of the world’s leading online marketers and coach-trainers – that gives you the exact words and phrases to say to someone, so they hire you and pay you

You’ll get:

  • Scripts For Getting Coaching Clients: What to say in each type of situation to turn a conversation into a paying coaching client
  • The “Client Conversation: What to say in your first session to get a new client (exact words & phrases for the coaching presentation)…
  • The 6-Figure Coaching Business Blueprint: Here’s what top coaches who earn $10,000 – $100,000 per month do every day to get clients…

Bonus: Video & Social Client Attractor Script: What to say in your video or social post to get clients to call you for coaching.

Get it all here for free:

GET The 6-Figure Coaching Business Blueprint

Use those scripts to get your next clients!

Disclaimer: Content curated from the main product site. No plagiarism intent.


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