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Do you know that moment when you’re doing a coaching session, and it’s time to talk about your coaching package and your price? 

What if I told you that there is a “magic” 10-word phrase that allows you to naturally transition to offering your coaching package for sale… that makes it natural, and easy to get someone to sign up and pay you?

This is just one of several client-getting scripts that’s available now, from one of the world’s leading coach-trainers, Eben Pagan

If you’d like to learn scripts and phrases to get new coaching clients, then get this free PDF report we’ve published called…

“Client-Getting Scripts For Coaches”

Inside, you’ll learn exactly what to say to turn a conversation into a paying client.

You’ll get:

  • Scripts For Getting Coaching Clients: What to say in each type of situation to turn a conversation into a paying coaching client
  • The “Client Conversation: What to say in your first session to get a new client (exact words & phrases for the coaching presentation)…
  • The 6-Figure Coaching Business Blueprint: Here’s what top coaches who earn $10,000 – $100,000 per month do every day to get clients…

Bonus: Video & Social Client Attractor Script: What to say in your video or social post to get clients to call you for coaching.

Get it all here for free:

GET The 6-Figure Coaching Business Blueprint

And use those scripts to get your next clients!

Disclaimer: Content curated from the main product site. No plagiarism intent.



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