Virtual Coach – The 6-Figure Coaching Business Blueprint

Product Creator: Eben Pagan
Internet Marketing Sector: Virtual Coach – The 6-Figure Coaching Business Blueprint
Product Price: $1999
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Official Launch Date: 8 December 2021
Bonus Included: $32,000 worth of Bonus

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Virtual Coach by Eben Pagan – A Review of Training and Motivation for New Coaches

The world has been shifting towards the hybrid mode of communication for most things, including teaching, shopping, and communication. While some have adjusted to this new way of life, most have had difficulty even finding meaningful work in this new scenario. This has left them with no motivation or confused about where they should begin. The Virtual coach program can help people from different niches share their experience in terms of consulting and training with others eager to learn those specific skills, which Eben Pagan has been doing for quite some time. Let’s dive deeper into what it is and what does it offer.

Eben Pagan’s Background:

To understand Eben’s mission and training approach, we first need to know who he is and his success stories.

Eben Pagan  He is a perfect businessman becoming a superstar due to his teaching and training method born in 1971.

Business Life Successes – Though he started as a real estate business, he focused on training people to become successful.

Pagan’s Products – Pagan has had success with many business models and businesses, out of which some are:

    • Get Altitude teaches young entrepreneurs to succeed online and provides people with valued products.
    • Wake Up Productive is a database of his training videos to ease the learning process of becoming entrepreneurs.
    • Ignition is about helping young entrepreneurs to start a business effectively.

All About Virtual Coach:

His training videos and paid content teach you how to enter the world of Virtual coaching created more than three years ago and become a great coach by rebranding your brand. This course is available once a year and the latest session of classes is starting soon.

How to Learn The Working Behind Virtual Coach:

This program is for those who want to leave a big impact on others in your particular field and enhance your business by taking classes and applying step by step to your business. This package can also help you earn certification and launch your brand within 90 days of the training. With multiple options to pick from, you can mix and match to get the best courses for yourself.

Secrets of the Coach:

Some of his secrets are mentioned below:

    • Learn how to start earning with a great business
    • Learn about the Hawthorne Effect in furthering your goals
    • His teaching can enhance you to such a level that you can start your own successful business
  • Practicing guidelines until you know to build confidence in this particular case

What Will We Learn?

    • Improve the mindset of people to set a goal of earnings after listening to the project
    • Discipline training to run the business the way you want to run.
    • Sharpen your skills at being a coach in your nice
    • Becoming highly sought after
    • How to make and tackle a checklist of motivational resources
    • Don’t sell your single and individual lessons for cheap
  • Learn to coach your client in an efficient and organic way

Why Should You Consider Investing in This Training?

The main reason behind learning this course is to start inspiring people you have connections with or who want to learn from your niche. The second set of people who either are new consultants or want to enter this field and don’t know how to do so. Finally, this course is best for people who want to refresh their career in this field and need distinct goals and quests and how to start achieving them.

What is the Curriculum of His Classes?

This program mainly contains two sections divided into seven key modules. The first part is creating an image of your capability so that people pay you to learn them through great conversations and achieve visionary coaching.

The second part teaches you how to attract clients most efficiently and start building your career in coaching.

How Much Would this Course Cost?

The one-time payment for the course upfront is $1,997, or you can pay $197 in 12 months while giving to refund the money paid under certain conditions. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee cushion if you don’t think you should continue before 14 days are over.

Final Verdict:

This course is precisely for you if you want to earn money by teaching and coaching your specialties in that field. While more and more people are learning, there isn’t a detailed overview of the success stories of this course.


How do you like to have access to Eben’s greatest products? Along with his latest course comes an astounding bonus package which is worth $32,682.00! YES, I didn’t mistyped it. You will have access to his “Platinum Passport” which will enable you to access his successful products including videos and audio training.

Past Product Success

The product has enjoyed a lot of success in the past. For instance, more than a hundred people made seven figures after the last launch. This revamped tutorial is expected to lead to even more success. For now, the global economy is on the rise. These benefits should be able to trickle down to online-based businesses. This is particularly true when one considers that the last financial slump did not have a significant impact on virtual businesses.

This course teaches budding CEOs the importance of having solid research. It teaches how crucial having data on consumers can be. It teaches to avoid jumping into things just because they are trendy. Learners learn about going behind the scenes and checking if the hype correlates to the profitability of the product.


For businesses that are having a difficult time making money online, this product could not have come at a better time. It is based on well-researched facts that require the right nudge for one to see them. This tool can help make life less stressful especially for those who work from home. It can turn one’s dream of being fully self-employed into a reality.

90-day No Questions Asked Refund Period!


Had enough? Well, I’m not ready to let you go yet. If you’re still not convinced that this product will change your life, please look at our Bonus section. I’m sure you will find gems in there that might pique your interest. Go on and check our top of the line huge list of bonuses that grows more and more every day. After purchase, you can check out other interesting product reviews at our homepage

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