Incredible Dream Machines Review + Awesome Bonus

Product Creator: Greg Jacobs & Tim Godfrey
Internet Marketing Sector: Crowdfunding
Product Price: $3497
Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: No Questions Asked
Official Launch Date: September 22, 2015
Product Website:
Bonus Included: My Special $4000+ Bonuses + Unannounced Bonuses

incredible dream machines product review and bonuses
What Is Incredible Dream Machines?

In short, it is a unique, proven, A-Z turnkey “scientific” business model that will teach your customers how to start from complete scratch and build a COLOSSAL business launched via a crowdfunding campaign, literally in a matter of weeks.But before you start thinking that this is simply a standard “how to do crowdfunding” course, it isn’t.

This is the ‘NEW WAY’ of doing CrowdFunding and something that ANYONE can do as there are ZERO barriers to entry. Specifically, IDM members…

DON’T need to be an inventor
DON’T need to know anything about product development and manufacturing
DON’T need to know anything about “Crowdfunding”
DON’T need to know anything about marketing
DON’T need to purchase inventory upfront

And most importantly, they won’t have to “invent” anything either. (Although we will be covering how to launch more complex inventions too). Instead, they will be sourcing products DIRECT from a manufacturer… and marketing them on a crowdfunding platform using the EXACT same *science* that I used when I raised $500,000 in my own crowdfunding campaign. Here is the process that needs to be followed accordingly:

Step 1.  Select Niche and Product – After identifying a hungry crowd

Step 2. Source Product – And sprinkle it with magic dust

Step 3. Build An Audience – in order to reach your funding goal on Day 1

Step 4. Launch Campaign – Get funded successfully then reach your stretch goals

Step 5. Deliver Products – Build customer happiness and plan more products

Step 6. Scale Up – Implement the “secret sauce” for building a colossal business




What Will Incredible Dream Machines Customers Receive?

So the first thing we need to say is that Incredible Dream Machines is first and foremost an experience – we are selling the experience, the lifestyle of Dream Machines. That being said, here is just a small example of what your customers will be getting.

THE DREAMERS PATH – An 8-week Detailed Live training… the A-Z of crowdfunding from niche research to sourcing to lead gen to launch to follow up, delivery and going big time. By spacing this training out over 8 weeks, we not only increase customer engagement, but we also will save many sales via the drop feed method.

INCREDIBLE UNIVERSITY in LAS VEGAS – If you have been in this game long enough you know that many of our customers will buy JUST for the live event if nothing else. The value is untold here – In this case we are doing a 3 day LIVE event in Last Vegas (most likely in March) that will be 100% content, follow up and networking. If you are one of our Standout JV’s you will most likely be invited to come and speak here in front of thousands of new students. (Nevertheless you will all be invited).

SOFTWARE – We will be giving you more details on our software as we get closer to launch, but let me say that we have “hacked” a niche research formula that basically finds gaps with high-value unexploited products in the Crowdfunding marketplace that our customers can basically just “walk up” and take and profit. There are two more valuable pieces which we will tell you about shortly as well.

VEGAS SHARK TANK – At Incredible University in Las Vegas – I am assembling our own mini Shark Tank where my network of Angel Investors and VC’s will be taking pitches from our successful students live on stage, determining if they want to invest and take their business to the next level. We will be selecting the top students from IDM who have already winning products for this chance to elevate to a possible 9 figure business.

GREG’S ROLODEX – Though my experiences in the industry I have direct emails and phone numbers to the buyers for almost every major retail chain and distributor in the USA and Europe. If your Product has the Chops, I will intro you to people that can put your product on the shelves for hundreds of millions to see in the big box stores. This if nothing else is already worth the investment as one phone number, one warm intro email can bring your product to the 8 figure yearly sales level.

COMMUNITY ANCHORS – We are in the process now of training a team of 12 community mentors to “live” on our IDM user forums to help and guide our students. We know that people are not just buying IDM for the “training” but rather for the community, energy and support. We make sure that as soon as they join us, they feel right at home.

ACHIEVEMENT TREE – And you thought “badges” were cool. We do understand that putting together a 7 figure crowdfunding campaign has LOT’s of moving pieces and the devil gets lost in the details. In order to help our students’ progress to the top, we have programmed a progress tracking Achievement Tree in which it shows each one of the many tasks required to launch a successful campaign and requires you to check off your accomplishments before moving to the next step. This is a proven powerful educational technique that allows an impenetrable mountain to moved one little piece at a time.

Incredible Dream Machines can appeal to anybody – from newbies up to expert online/offline business people.

Newbies will get an A – Z system allowing them to build a REAL business and make money fast.
Amazon & Ecommerce Folks can DOUBLE their product business with ZERO risk.
Video (Mostly Youtube) People can follow the system, then utilize their video expertise to make BIG bucks.
Traffic People can follow the system and use their traffic skills to NAIL it.
Other Online/Offline Business Folks can leverage crowdfunding to get more traffic, exposure & sales for any of their businesses in record time.

So, if you want to generate a decent amount of money online, don’t wait any longer. IDM will yield results and what’s more, they offer a

30-day No Questions Asked Refund Period!


Had enough? Well, I’m not ready to let you go yet. If you’re still not convinced that this product will change your life, please look at our Bonus section. I’m sure you will find gems in there that might pique your interest. Go on and check our top of the line huge list of bonuses that grows more and more every day. After purchase, you can check out other interesting product reviews at our homepage

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