Week 4 Update – Traffic Monsoon Review and Case Study

After a month (29 days to be exact), I already generated $840 of income. There is no adpack buying shown in this video, since the outstanding earning is just $40 when I recorded the video.

This week, I was able to buy 5 more adpacks, which make it a total of 41 just after 29 days, and investing 25 adpacks.

I haven’t posted the earnings calculator yet due to holiday season, but I will promise it will be up this month.

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Week 3 Update – Traffic Monsoon Review and Case Study

In this week’s update, I will show you my total earning income of $558. I waited for my available balance to reach more than $100 so that I can show how I can buy 2 adpacks at a time.

This week, I was able to buy 5 more adpacks, which make it a total of 36 just after 21 days, and investing 25 adpacks.

Later this week (4th), I will release an excel file with the computation of your earnings from day-to-day, depending on how much you want to invest.

Oh by the way, I just posted a page days ago about my giveaway bonus for those who will signup under my link. Please check the page here: http://www.sdiegomtac.com/traffic-monsoon/bonus/

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Week 2 Update – Traffic Monsoon Review and Case Study

It’s the second week, and this next update is a short one. I will just show you the most common things to check out whenever you visit your account dashboard.

I now have a total of $327.89 earnings, and $300 of those are used to buy 6 additional adpacks from initial investment of 25 adpacks. For this week, I was able to buy 4 more adpacks which is not bad for one whole week.

I will have 5 more sharing positions for week 3. That video will be posted in a few days.

Don’t forget to check out the week 1 update: http://www.sdiegomtac.com/traffic-monsoon/case-study/week-1-update/

Week 1 Update – Traffic Monsoon Review and Case Study

This is the second part of Week 1 update for my TM Dynasty journey. Hereunder are the breakdown of the video content:

  • The video was shot at the end of the week (or early week 2, I’m not sure) which has generated me a total of $105
  • Again, the income is not that much yet since I bought the last 20 adpacks on the 4th day of the week
  • I have an account balance of $55, which I will use to buy 1 more additional adpack
  • You will see the process of buying – which is a no-brainer – and even newbies can do
  • I highlighted the words that you will see when buying any advertising service from TM – “Please Note: A purchase of advertising service with us is not considered a deposit, nor investment.” Those words says it all.

That’s it for the week, and I’ll be back for the week 2 update. Please don’t forget to watch the very first video of this journey.

Week 1 Midweek Update – Traffic Monsoon Case Study

I finally got the time to upload the very first video in my case study. In this video, I am showing how many ad packs I started with and how much earnings did it generate for me.

Here is the full breakdown of what was shown in the first case study video:

– I started with 1 ad pack on the first day to see if it will really generate me a penny. And yes, it really does.
– So the 2nd day, I bought another one and 2 more on the 3rd day.
– On the 4th day, I decided to buy 20 more ad packs and see what will happen from that day onwards.
– As you will see, at the end of the 4th day, I generated $43.13 of revenue share. If I decided to buy 25 ad packs from the get-go, I may have generated more than $100 revenue share in my account.

There’s not much to show in this video since it’s the middle of the week. I will be posting another video that I recorded at the end of the first week, so please stay tuned. Please visit my channel for faster updates and like my Traffic Monsoon Dynasty fanpage for regular updates!

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